What We've Done.

What We've Done

Examples of productions we have been involved with:

In addition to our software services, we have years of production experience in video and other types of technical production. We can help merge these technologies into a fluid solution. Below is a sampling of productions we have been fortunate to be involved with.


VH1's "Twinning"

We provided a diverese set of gaming systems for Twinning.  Tablet operated gaming systems, large touch screens, lock out systems, and results display.  All of this was operated by producers and show staff afer training giving the production an affordable solution.


MTV's "Are You The One?"

For "Are You The One" we supplied a touch screen voting system with remote control from the producers in the control roon.  Contestants can vote and see thre results as cued.  Additionally a tablet voting system and lock out system as used in the challenges was provided.


Syfy's "Geek's Who Drink"

On Geek's Who Drink we provided a full package gaming system with a lock out, podium scoreboards, game board and tablet controls.  Additionally our system fed the lighting and sound systems for cueing.  A single computer and operator was able to drive 5 outptus.

logoTLC's "Labor Games"

Labor Games provided a unique set of challenges.  The show was shot in a hospital delivery ward therefore staffing was limited.  The gaming system needed to be able to be operated by non-technical staff and last minite game changes required a game editor to be developed.  This allowed producers to modify and edit games on the fly just moments before the shoot started.


ABC's 'The Taste'

For "The Taste" seasons 1,2 and 3 we developed a system that displayed judging results on a large LED wall as well as triggered midi lighting cues.  Input came from buttons used by the judges in reponse to their opinion on a given dish.  Secondary screens were used to display counters and additional results to the contestants.


ABC's 'The Glass House'

For ABC's 'The Glass House' we developed software that allowed the producers of the show to interact with the contestants via a 103" monitor. The software used graphical elements and animations and manipulated those elemets based on producer input and/or contestant anwers. This system was composed of over a dozen apps allowing the display of text, images, videos and tweets as specified by the shows creative content.


Fox's "Hell's Kitchen"

For Hell's Kitchen seasons 11-15 we worked with the challenge department to implement a scoreboard system that was used for 5 of the cooking competitions.  Configurable for single or multi-monitors the application allowed easy configuration changes to represent a variety of challenge scoring configurations.


NBC's 'The Biggest Loser'

We have been with the 'Biggest Loser' since the beginning. We have supplied all their on-set graphics software for the series and the live finales. We have setup and operated the designed systems as well. This includes many multi-monitor setups, large LED walls, game show systems, lock-out devices, challenge graphics and race clocks. We also provide the day to day technical supervision for the "Biggest Loser"


'America's Next Top Model'

Starting in season 19, America's Next Top Model moved to a new scoring system for their elimication. RTEffects developed software to display these results in graphical and animated manner that allowed quick entry and display as the judges were giving their scores.


'Game Show Marathon' - Israel

RTEffect provided the software for this multi-format show. The season combined shows such as 'The Wheel of Fortune', 'Family Feud', 'Blockbuster', 'Hollywood Squares', 'The Price is Right' and others. We prov/ided the software for the primary game screens, scoreboards, podiums and TX keyfill superimposed graphics.


WB's 'Beauty and the Geek'

RTEffect came in and provided game show style lock-out / buzz-in system, question and answer board, as well as, podium scoreboards and buzz-in effects


ABC's 'Opportunity Knocks'

Operations here included scoreboards, game boards and contestant input devices. Wireless slate tablets were used as ink input devices with signals that could be distributed via video routing.


science-of-loveNBC's 'Science Of Love'

For Science of Love RTEffects developed a computer controlled 50 monitor video wall capable for displaying images and video playback.


think-like-a-catGSN's 'Think Like a Cat'

This was a Jeopardy style game show complete with a game board , lock-out system and ink tablets for displaying contestants answers.


Fox's 'Unanimous'

We provided the software, scoreboards and countdown clocks for Fox's 2006 show. We also provided video and technical management during the taping.


'The Voice' Seasons 1 and 3 - Israel

For The Voice in Israel we provided software that on cue (button press) would trigger the rotaion of the chairs and trigger lighting cue's to showcase the reveal.  Additionally we developed a scrolling Twitter feed board for use in the on camera contestant green room.


'The Biggest Loser' Season 3 - Israel

RTEffects provided the software for the Israeli production of 'The Biggest Loser.' The software consisted of a 6 output dual scale and scoreboard setup.


Fox's 'Hole in the Wall'

RTEffects provided scoreboards graphics, control and operation.


Eyeworks 'Beat the Blondes' Pilot

We provided podium scoreboards and question/answer board.


MTV's 'Singled Out' Pilot

We provided a game show style game board.


NBC's 'Age of Love'

Proivided graphical display software used during taping and supervised technical and video operations of the taping.

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